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Reap The Rewards Of Your Innovation

Whether you are creating a work of art, building a business or designing an invention, you need intellectual property savvy and protection so you and you alone profit from your own ideas and investments. Without a skilled and experienced intellectual property attorney on your business team, you could be inadvertently providing your hard work to the public. After this exposure, anyone can then scoop up and turn your investment and ideas into a business opportunity without you.

At the Law Office of Adrienne B. Naumann, we help artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, businesses and other clients to protect and develop their ideas. For example, we assist in registration of copyrights, trademarks and patents, as well as the safeguard of secret information. We also negotiate and draft a variety of intellectual property-related business agreements.

Dedicated and Experienced

Our founding attorney has exclusively practiced intellectual property law for more than twenty years. During this time, she has helped individuals and companies to protect their secret information, businesses to develop their brands, and inventors to bring innovative new products to the marketplace.

We consistently provide very high quality of legal representation at reasonable rates, including flat attorney fees for intellectual property registrations. We also guarantee our personal professional attention to every individual and business entity as our clients. Because of these features of the practice, many of our clients are long-standing and have been with us for many years.

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If you decide to protect and develop your ideas for innovation and business, speak to our experienced lawyer from the Law Office of Adrienne B. Naumann at 847-329-8185. You may also contact our office by email.

The Law Office of Adrienne B. Naumann is located in Skokie, Illinois, and we represent individuals and businesses throughout the Chicago metropolitan area as well as internationally.


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